29 Pergolas with Privacy Screens for Intimate Outdoor Escapes



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Discover the perfect blend of style and seclusion with our showcase of 29 pergolas featuring privacy screens. Dive into a world of intimate outdoor spaces, where these elegantly designed structures redefine privacy and style. From cozy alcoves to serene retreats, explore how these pergolas create inviting atmospheres for tranquil outdoor living. Join us on a journey to find inspiration for transforming your outdoor space into a private haven of comfort and sophistication.

Modern Retreat with Slatted Screens

This contemporary pergola boasts clean lines and slatted privacy screens, creating a sleek and stylish outdoor retreat. The slats offer a balance of privacy and openness, allowing gentle sunlight to filter through.

Rustic Charm with Wooden Lattice Panels

A rustic pergola featuring intricately designed wooden lattice panels for both aesthetic appeal and privacy. Vines and climbing plants can be trained to enhance the natural ambiance.

Cozy Cottage Garden Haven

This charming pergola is surrounded by a white picket fence, and its privacy screens feature latticework adorned with climbing roses. The result is a picturesque cottage garden retreat.

Asian Zen Sanctuary with Bamboo Screens

Designed with tranquility in mind, this pergola incorporates bamboo privacy screens that add an Asian-inspired touch. The natural material creates a calming atmosphere in the backyard space.

Contemporary Metal Elegance

A modern pergola with sleek metal frames and geometric privacy screens. The design creates a visually striking backdrop while providing seclusion for a comfortable outdoor lounge area.

Tropical Paradise with Palm Leaf Screens

Embrace a tropical vibe with a pergola featuring privacy screens made of palm leaves or thatch. This design creates a lush and private oasis reminiscent of a beachside retreat.

Mediterranean Courtyard Escape

Surrounded by stucco walls adorned with climbing bougainvillea, this Mediterranean-inspired pergola offers both elegance and privacy. The combination of flowering vines and a central water feature enhances the ambiance.

Nordic Minimalism with Fabric Drapes

Incorporating Scandinavian design principles, this pergola features minimalistic lines and fabric privacy drapes. The use of light and neutral colors contributes to an airy and inviting outdoor space.

Victorian Elegance with Wrought Iron Screens

A timeless pergola with wrought iron privacy screens that evoke Victorian charm. The intricate patterns add a touch of elegance, creating a refined and private garden space.

Desert Oasis with Adobe Walls

Set in a desert landscape, this pergola is surrounded by adobe walls that serve as both privacy screens and heat barriers. The warm tones and cacti create a serene desert oasis.

Art Deco Glamour with Glass Panels

For a touch of opulence, this pergola incorporates privacy screens made of frosted glass panels. The art deco-inspired design adds a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere.

English Garden Retreat with Hedged Screens

Immerse yourself in an English garden setting with a pergola featuring tall hedged screens. The neatly trimmed greenery provides both privacy and a touch of traditional elegance.

Rooftop Lounge with Retractable Screens

Perfect for urban spaces, this pergola features retractable privacy screens that can be adjusted based on preference. The rooftop lounge is complete with comfortable seating and potted plants.

Farmhouse Chic with Barn Door Screens

Embrace farmhouse style with pergola privacy screens made of sliding barn doors. The combination of rustic wood and the functionality of sliding doors adds charm to the outdoor space.

Moss-Covered Sanctuary

This unique pergola is surrounded by privacy screens made of moss. The natural elements create a secluded and serene backyard sanctuary.

Sleek Cityscape Haven

In an urban setting, a pergola with sleek privacy screens made of metal mesh or slats provides seclusion without sacrificing modern aesthetics. The design is perfect for city dwellers seeking both style and privacy.

Trellis-Covered Haven with Climbing Plants

A pergola featuring trellis privacy screens covered in climbing plants like jasmine or wisteria. The fragrant vines add beauty and natural fragrance to the outdoor space.

Floating Deck Oasis with Curtained Screens

Elevated on a floating deck, this pergola utilizes curtain privacy screens that can be drawn for seclusion or left open to enjoy the views. The effect is an intimate and romantic oasis.

Industrial Chic Courtyard

In an industrial setting, a pergola with privacy screens made of metal mesh or corrugated metal panels exudes urban chic. The combination of metal and greenery creates a visually appealing contrast.

Swimming Pool Pavilion with Louvered Screens

A pergola by the pool features louvered privacy screens that can be adjusted to control sunlight and airflow. The design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, creating a luxurious poolside retreat.

Cottage Garden Fantasy with Floral Screens

Transport yourself to a fairytale cottage garden with a pergola surrounded by screens adorned with floral patterns. The whimsical design adds a touch of magic to the outdoor space.

Sustainable Green Oasis

For an eco-friendly touch, this pergola features privacy screens made of recycled materials or living walls covered in climbing plants. The sustainable design creates a green and inviting oasis.

Mid-Century Modern Elegance

A mid-century modern pergola with privacy screens made of wooden slats or metal panels. The minimalist design and clean lines contribute to a timeless and sophisticated outdoor space.

Floating Island Pavilion with Water Screens

For a truly unique experience, this pergola is positioned on a floating platform surrounded by screens made of cascading water. The water feature provides both privacy and a calming ambiance.

Gothic Revival Hideaway with Stone Screens

Embrace the allure of Gothic architecture with a pergola surrounded by stone privacy screens. The arched openings and intricate details create a dramatic and romantic outdoor hideaway.

Transitional Fusion with Mixed Materials

A pergola that blends different materials for its privacy screens, such as a combination of wood, metal, and glass. This transitional design creates a dynamic and visually interesting outdoor space.

Chic Bohemian Retreat with Macramé Screens

Incorporating bohemian flair, this pergola features privacy screens made of macramé or woven textiles. The soft textures and earthy tones create a laid-back and inviting atmosphere.

Courtyard Cocoon

Designed for intimacy, this pergola has screens that resemble large woven cocoons. The effect is a cozy and secluded courtyard cocooned in privacy.

Stone and Wood Fusion Retreat

Combining the warmth of wood with the sturdiness of stone, this pergola features a privacy screen made of a harmonious blend of both materials. The result is a durable and visually appealing outdoor retreat.