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Background: Skylar Rivers is a visionary landscape architect and outdoor living enthusiast. Growing up surrounded by the natural beauty of a coastal town, Skylar developed a keen eye for blending aesthetics with functionality in outdoor spaces. Her childhood memories are filled with family gatherings in well-designed gardens, sparking her passion for creating personalized outdoor retreats.

Expertise: Skylar specializes in crafting intimate and personalized outdoor living spaces. Her expertise lies in understanding the unique preferences and lifestyles of her clients, translating them into custom designs that seamlessly integrate with the natural surroundings. She excels in creating outdoor spaces that serve as extensions of the home, offering a perfect balance of comfort, style, and functionality.

Education: Skylar holds a degree in Landscape Architecture with a focus on personalized outdoor design. Her education empowers her to not only envision beautiful spaces but also to consider factors such as climate, terrain, and the specific needs of individuals or families. Skylar’s designs prioritize sustainability and a harmonious relationship with nature.

Interests: Outside of her professional pursuits, Skylar enjoys exploring botanical gardens, visiting art installations in outdoor spaces, and participating in community projects that promote green living. She finds inspiration in cultural influences and incorporates diverse elements into her designs, creating spaces that are both timeless and culturally rich.